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The New House open the door for RBR-World... - News 2017/2018

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The New House open the door for RBR-World... - News 2017/2018

07 August 2017

After two years of long work, after more than 50,000 rows of "free-handwritten" code writing, RBR-World's development team is finally pleased to announce the birth of the new website.

A site renewed in graphics and with the introduction of many features that will make the adventures of pilots much more comfortable, fast and engaging; with a renewed system of rankings, even in utility and with many technical novelties that you will discover while navigating.

One of the novelties of the new site is the system with which it was programmed, that is ... not using any pre-packaged system, a blank sheet from which it started, rethinking all the functions and layout of each single element.

The new portal has also become responsive, which means it will be easy to navigate by mobile devices so that you can check the rankings at any time, even on the tram, to show friends how strong you went the night before ...

Among the most important features that you have introduced are the ability to comment on your performance at the end of each special stage, directly from the utility, or from the site itself, to the bottom of the test scores, the comments will be shorter but you pilots will be able to express all your thoughts - warmly - without having to write more on the forum after the race, you can do it directly while you are in the race, you can also, for each single race, enter your photos, which will be archived in the single race with one Simplified and intuitive viewing.

Big improvements have also been introduced in the management panels of both the pilot and the team to make our favorite simulator even faster, easier and more engaging, and a new technical support section has been introduced, which over time will be increasingly expanded to give anyone the chance to find the solution to their problems without looking for a long time on the forum. A system of technical guides accompanied by screenshots that will guide you step by step in solving the most common problems encountered so far.

And finally, we really hope that this new site will like you and you can overcome the experience of pilots, team managers and supporters. Obviously, the newborn site will also need your contribution to be perfected, so we will open a new section on the new forum. You can report about malfunctions or errors so that they can be corrected in a short time.

If all these novelties do not suffice you then know that we still have many new products in store for you...