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New season news - News 2017/2018

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New season news - News 2017/2018

11 August 2017

Despite the great heat that is characterizing this summer, the team of RBR-World is working hard to prepare the upcoming new season that we can already anticipate will be very rich!

First and foremost the new and engaging "Career Mode" that will be available as an additional mode to the normal game mode in 2018.

For normal mode, new trophies and official championships will be organized increasingly similar to real counterparts.

New cars and new special stages will also be available!

About the trophies we can already announce the "birth" of the "NATIONS RALLY CUP"!

The "NATIONS RALLY CUP" will be a team competition with the unprecedented and innovative formula reserved to all RBR-World associates with the aim of involving the largest number of users of various nations, who in the fourteen scheduled races will have to win one of the five seats available for each nation and thus have the opportunity to take part in the decisive final race assignment.

That said, we only have to wish good holidays to all and stay tuned for more!!!