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Live races

Here you can find the list of the races that are racing right now, if you want to check a race completed just click the link below to see all the historian of the race done. If you have race one rally remember to leave a comment after the special stages.

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Next week races

Next week races
Date Race Championship Type of Race
21 July 2019 Free Timo Rally OPEN
22 July 2019 Free Star Wars Rally OPEN
23 July 2019 Free Ari Rally OPEN
24 July 2019 Free Juha Rally OPEN
25 July 2019 Free Miki Rally OPEN
26 July 2019 Free Tommi Rally OPEN
27 July 2019 Free Carlos Rally OPEN
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Last Hotlaps

Are you a pilot like "all or nothing"? So here you can leave a sign of your driving skills. A quick summary of the latest HotLaps made on RBR-World.

Hot Laps
# Nation SS Name Km Surface Driver Best Time
1 Torre Vecchia 9.80 FERRARO Maurizio
Citroen C2 - S16
2 Mlynky II 6.90 FERRARO Maurizio
Citroen C2 - S16
3 Bisanne II 5.60 FERRARO Maurizio
Citroen C2 - S16
4 Pian Del Colle 8.30 COLUCCI Alessio
Citroen C3 2018 - R5
5 Cote D'Arbroz 4.50 PIANI Federico
Renault Clio - S16
6 Torre Vecchia 9.80 BAIARDI Max
Skoda Fabia 2018 - R5
7 Sieversdorf 8.00 AVESANI Mirco
Lancia Delta S4 - gr.B
8 Sturec 8.01 BONGTHOUNTAN Billy
Peugeot 208 T16 2015 - R5
9 Canyon 2.10 BIANCHI Stefano
Peugeot 208 T16 2015 - R5
10 Lipt??kov 6.00 BONGTHOUNTAN Billy
Hyundai i20 - R5
11 Canyon 2.10 BIANCHI Stefano
Peugeot 208 R2 - R2
12 Canyon 2.10 BIANCHI Stefano
Peugeot 208 R2 - R2
13 Humalamaki II 4.40 BRAGI Thordarson
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X - N4
14 Humalamaki II 4.40 BRAGI Thordarson
Subaru Impreza 1995 - A8
15 Bisanne 5.60 RAFFAETA Dario
Ford Fiesta RRC - S20
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What is RBR-WORLd?

RBR-World is a no profit association, recognized by CONI and AICS, composed by guys from all over Italy, who, over the yeras, develpoed a program (PC Utility) that allows to expand and actualize the best rally videogame ever created: Richard Burns Rally. RBR is in fact still today considered as the best rally simulator because the behaviour of the cars are the most realistic ever made in a game. RBR-World permitted to add a lot of new special stages and cars of all categories. Recently have been reached the number of 220 special stage (with a lot recreated from reality and ever increasing) and the 200 cars; 14 different wheater conditions. 3 types of tyres and 3 types of surface (tarmac, gravel, snow) that also have 3 different types of grips of the terrain. We are a community of fans. Our target is to have fun and make our passion a happy moment of our lives. Inside you will find over 600 users, from all the world, that fight togheter on special stages on all surfaces, trying to emulate the WRC's champions. RBR-World's users will help you to enter in this world of online simulation and you could be a world champion.