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What is RBR-WORLd and how to start

What is RBR-WORLd and how to start

  How do I install RBR-WORLd?

RBR-WORLd is operated by a utility or software that allows certain processes to the PC,particularly to the game Richard Burns Rally. This application must be installed on your PC, downloadable via the Downloads section of the site. Follow the instruction sprovided by the site, after a due diligence requirements of your PC system, will lead toproper installation and operation of the software.

  What is RBR-WORLd

RBR-WORLd.com is the derivation of the online game Richard Burns Rally RBR-World to play on your PC, you must have a version of the game mentioned above, installedand functioning properly.

  How do I Play RBR-WORLd?

RBR-WORLd is inspired by a rally game, learn the mechanics of the sport will take you tolearn the mechanics of the game. Within the utility of RBR-World you will find three sections: Test Zone, and Race Online Hotlap. The first will allow you to test all vehiclesat any time and all the paths inside the game and the second will allow you to run online, following a road book comparing them with other users of the community and the third is a test against time with any car on any track you select. For a correct use of the game, always run RBR-World as an administrator of your operating system.

  I have to pay to play or it's all free?

To download RBR-WORLd does not need any kind of payment, as well as play with certain online rally. Some sampled by the facts may be subject to a small contribution to the site itself, to maintain the server and site, as well as earning money for the foundation Richard Burns Foundation. The arrangements for the donation of the site to find the home page and Play Support, and will be indicated by the championships which will be subject to the donation

  Minimum recommended for gaming

CPU P4 2,6Ghz
Ram 1Gb
Hard Disk 80Gb
VGA 512Mb

Windows xp
Directx 9c

  When the connection fails

If it occours during a race, approximately every 3 minutes, don't worry, you will finish it easily.

Even if your connection usually works properly, you should keep in mind a few things: once the race is over and you're back to the utility section, don't forget to check if your timing has been ranked, especially in the overall ranking, thus making sure that not only has it been uploaded on the server but also added to your overall timing. You can do this by clicking on Upload Time, which is to the right of the ranking. If after clicking on Upload Time the ranking page does show, your connection is back.
If it doesn't, you can minimize the utility section and take care of the problem, we're sure you know how to deal with your internet connection when it fails.

At this point you can go back to the utility section and click again on Upload Time and then Refresh, if both the clicks make the ranking page load then, and only then, you can start the next special stage.

You should pay attention to this procedure especially during the service park. It's important to verify that, once you clicked on check time, the ranking page loads and shows your time on the left column but ESPECIALLY on the right one. To make sure this happens you should click several times on Upload Time and Resfresh. Once you're sure that the server has received and elaborated your “Stamp” at the service park then, and only then, you can start the next special stage.

The only thing you mustn't do is going on with the race without making sure that the server has received and ranked in the overall ranking your previous timing.

Good Luck!